ITERA – all the talk is about who’s racing (for the record, at the time of writing it’s looking pretty good with around 40 teams including racers from Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, France and the UK).  But arguably the real fun is had by the volunteers.

It’s an amazing experience but tough few days. We reckon that ITERA may well be harder as a volunteer than a racer. Despite that the same folks keep coming back year after year!

We’re only a small team (c. 20 people in total), and there is a great ‘all in it together’ feel from being part of the volunteer family on this special event and making it happen.

We split into a number of small autonomous teams – 4 people in each typically – who are then allocated a set of locations and roles. You’ll move around between them during the race and progress through to the finish. We’ll really need you to commit to being with us for the whole weekend – at least early AM Friday 28th July (preferably Thurs 27th to help us with set-up) until the race has finished in the afternoon of Monday 31st July.

As well as helping us run registration, briefings, kit check, start and finish, the main task split into three groups:
  • Set up and de-rig the TA (hot water, sign-in stations, route marking in the final approach)
  • Manage the racers passing through the TA and help with their queries and issues. Assist in resolving any problems
  • Help with event control and communications
  • Being nice (it’s amazing how far a smile goes when you’re knackered!)
  • Help logistics team load/unload kit – bike boxes, bags, kayaks
  • Help move/drive event logistics vehicles (vans, trucks) between locations
  • Load/unload racers kit – bike boxes, bags, kayaks
  • Help us place the checkpoints in the days leading up to the race and retrieve them after the race has passed through. This role needs rock-solid navigation skills (we cant afford to have CPs in the wrong place), and ability to move over hill terrain quickly. You’re probably a very experienced fell runner, adventure racer or orienteer.

The race is non-stop – the back-of-pack teams will take up to 70 hours to complete the course. So, we are operating through the night as well. We do not work all the way through individually – everyone needs and gets downtime. No heroics please!. That said, it’s a long, tough weekend and a good degree of resilience, endurance and fitness is needed. You’ll also often be acting autonomously in remote locations – team-working, problem solving skills and enthusiasm are a must.

We don’t provide 5* hotels (but have booked some hostel-style accommodation for volunteers pre/post event), and more likely you’ll be camping or sleeping in a back room of a dusty village hall somewhere. Nice. We’ll sort you out for reasonable travel expenses, event clothing, and bung you a bit of cash for sorting yourself out with food and drink during the race. We’d love to see you at the post-race celebration buffet as well. Plus, obviously, our undying thanks, appreciation and gratitude.

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