A: At Dec 2022, we’re still working on detailed course design, and the experience requirements are a factor of that (e.g. doing stuff like the Iona-Staffa-Mull paddle at ITERA 2022 requires us to be pretty careful that everyone in a boat knows what they are doing).

These will not be token short paddle stages – expect extended time in the boat. That said, our expectation is that we won’t be requiring formal qualifications, but will require some relevant quality experience, and a qualification would be useful both as evidence and to keep you safe (old BCU 3* or equivalant would be a good aspiration). We will be providing 2-person SOT’s for ITERA-lite 2023.

View the ARWS Mandatory Equipment list below as a pdf download.

Mandatory Equipment (pdf)

View the ARWS rules below as a pdf download.


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